Who We Are: Market Mentor Online is a professionally staffed and closely managed business and employee development service to help businesses 1) hire the best sales people, 2) provide them with the best sales leads and 3) manage the entire sales process. Slide Presentation

What We Do: We serve as a virtual sales, marketing and administrative support staff to help businesses sell more, in less time, at higher profits, with fewer people, at a fraction of the cost of in-house staff. We use a combination of phone calls, email, personal letters and social media to discover current sales opportunities, develop relationships and future sales opportunities and protect our clients’ customers from competitors.  

How it Works: We start by discussing your individual needs, time frame and budget before recommending an appropriate and affordable automated marketing plan to meet your objectives. We create a private online account and give you and your staff access to it. We import a targeted prospect database into your account, create marketing letters, email and a telemarketing guideline, assign a marketing support operator to your account and get started. When we find a prospect, we update their contact record in your database, send you an email with their contact information about what needs to be done.


Market Mentor Sales Process

How You Benefit

• Nothing to buy, no one to hire, no software to support, no staff to manage
• Investment and commitment are kept to a minimum; month-by-month with 30 day, no penalty cancellation
• Unlimited use of our end user-customizable, cloud-based CRM software
• Your sales people can spend more time calling on real prospects and less time cold-calling
• Consistent, professional, relationship-marketing sales approach and reliable follow up
• Management reports to keep you informed about what’s going on with us and your sales team
• A professional image with your prospects and customers to set you apart and ensure top-of-mind awareness

What’s the Investment?: Subscription pricing varies depending on the type, quantity, and length of services you need. We offer a no cost, no obligation strategic business development assessment to make sure that we fully understand your needs and expectations before we can recommend the most appropriate and affordable marketing plan for your consideration.

Description of Services Offered
Prospect Databases-After years of experience and thousands of telemarketing calls, we cannot overstate how critical the accuracy of your database is to the success of your project. If it’s out-dated and/or inappropriate for your industry, then your project will not meet your expectations no matter who makes the calls. We can provide you with accurate databases or we can work with your database.

Telemarketing -Intended to “shake the trees” and discover the 10%-20% of people currently in the market to by in the near future. If the decision-maker isn’t available when we call, obviously we’re not going to speak with them. But we can talk with whoever answers the phone and attempt to verify their information, update your prospect database and schedule a more convenient time to call back. While every call won’t result in a sale, there’s always some value to every call.

Unlike many other telemarketing companies, we only charge our clients for actual call time, vs. clock time. That means that you only pay us for the exact amount of time we spend on the phone making calls for you, not how many hours we worked. You will always know exactly what we have done for you, because we email all leads to you and we email you a detailed report every week (or daily if you want) including each call, the exact call time, call notes, and call results.

Other staff services we offer include:
• Follow-up on leads you receive from newspapers, website, vendors, trade shows
• Data entry of contacts you’ve been meaning to enter into your database, but haven’t
• Customer surveys to find out what your customers think about you and your products
• Exit interviews with previous employees
• Service contract and subscription renewals that expire due to lack of timely follow up

Relationship Marketing: (Personal letter(s) followed up with telemarketing warm calls)

The traditional “smile & dial” telemarketing approach is a fast and economical way to discover immediate prospects. If you are only interested in finding the 10%-20% who are in the market now, then telemarketing is probably the best and most cost-effective approach.

However, if you don’t want to limit yourself to 10%-20% of the market at any given time, you might want to consider a combination of telemarketing (phone calls) and relationship marketing (letters, email and marketing campaigns).

Our experience is that an introduction letter mailed to the decision-maker before approaching them helps to;
• Position your company and yourself as professionals and differentiate you from your competition
• Prepare the way to get past the gatekeeper when they ask; “Is he/she expecting your call?”
• Demonstrate your willingness to do business on their terms and time frame

We’ve found that a more professional and effective approach is to;
• Phone their receptionist to confirm the decision-maker’s name and title and ask qualifying questions
• Mail the decision-maker a personal introduction letter to explain who you are and what you want
• Leverage the letter to get past the gatekeeper to the decision-maker and set the appointment

We can mail one to three introduction letters to each prospect, depending on how familiar your prospects are with your industry, your company, and your products. The goal is to pre-educate them about you and prepare them to accept our call. Using this more professional approach has improved the results of our telemarketing calls because we spend less time explaining who we are to gatekeepers and decision makers appreciate our more professional approach and have a more favorable attitude when we call.  Although we can print and mail your letters for you, we typically recommend that we merge and queue the letters for printing and mailing locally

Follow up and Relationship Management
Traditional telemarketing firms typically work on a short-term, lead discovery basis vs. a long-term, strategic relationship marketing approach. “If your only tool is a HAMMER; then everything looks like a NAIL.” Telemarketing firms use the only tool they have, the telephone to “hammer” your prospects and customers.

When evaluating telemarketing companies, you’ll hear lead generation figures ranging anywhere between 3%-10%, meaning that if they make 1,000 calls they will discover between 30-100 leads (depending on the definition of a lead). Even at the high end (10%), that still leaves 90% (900) of 1,000 prospects that are called but are either not interested now or we were not able to reach them even after multiple attempts. So what do you do with the other 90% of perfectly good suspects after the initial telemarketing project?  You could continue to “hammer” them with intrusive and annoying telemarketing calls but that could defeat your purpose and result in poor relationships.

The majority of prospective buyers are not currently in the market or they are unwilling to discuss your products and services on the first call. That’s to be expected. However, assuming that you offer a good quality product or service, at a fair and competitive price, and the contact/company is a viable prospect for your products, then at sometime in the future, they might become a qualified opportunity for you or your competitor . . . . depending on who has done the best job of follow up and relationship-building!

With our on-going, automatic relationship management program, we can generate all of your follow up letters, email and phone calls to stay in touch with everyone in your database and totally-manage your follow up to ensure that when they are ready to talk, they call you instead of your competitor, once you’ve planted the seed in their mind that they need what you offer.

We gladly accept and appreciate short-term telemarketing and lead generation projects, however, our target market is with clients who are interested in an ongoing, long-term business development and customer care strategy and relationship with us.  

If our long-term, relationship marketing based business development strategy appeals to you, and if we sound like the type of organization you would feel comfortable representing you to your prospects and customers, we would be pleased to provide you with a free marketing assessment and individualized strategic marketing plan to consider.

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