Employee Screening and Development

“One third or more of all hiring decisions are outright failures, and in no other area of our business would we tolerate such dismal performance.” Peter Drucker

Poor selection is the #1 cause of employee turnover. Most hiring decisions are based on knowledge, skills, gut-feelings or how badly we need someone. But most firing decisions are based on unacceptable attitude and behavior, which can’t be determined from a resume’ or interview.

Companies waste huge amounts of time and money; training the WRONG people! According to a study by a major university on employee turnover, companies spend 5 times more on employee training than on employee selection; yet 76% of turnover is due to poor selection, and only 24% is due to poor training.

Types of Assessments we Offer
• Pre-employment: (honesty, theft, drug use, customer service) Sample ReportTestimonialWhy Orion?Slide Show

• Behavior/Motivation: Management-StaffSalesExecutiveCustomer Service

Ways that our clients use assessments

• Interviewing: Prepare appropriate questions for the position
• Job Match: Avoid the mistake of placing square pegs into round holes
• Orientation: Define expectations from the beginning
• Career Path: Build on strengths, compensate for weaknesses
• Training: Target training to the individual’s needs
• Coaching: Define areas of improvement and prepare an individualized development plan
• Appraisals: Objective assessment based on the individual’s strengths, weaknesses and their development plan
• Conflict Management: Increase communication, decrease misunderstandings
• Revitalization:Expand awareness, lower stress, improve communication
• Team-Building:Blend personalities & values to accomplish common goals