Sales productivity challenges haven’t changed much in the past 30 years; unfortunately, neither have the ways we keep trying to solve them.

Including . . .

1. Hoping that our sales people sell more in the future than they have in the past
2. Training our sales people more on product knowledge, selling skills, time and account management
3. Equipping our sales people with laptops, smart phones, CRM software, etc.
4. Hiring more sales people
5. Outsourcing some non-direct selling activities like prospecting, qualifying and follow up

You can’t score, if you’re not in scoring position, but we can put your sales reps in “Scoring Position” on every sales call with these types of sales opportunities!

    Level 1 Sales Lead. The prospect SHOULD to talk with you
    The goal is to discover businesses with old or out-dated equipment or services, that could be costing them more to operate than a newer system. We make telemarketing calls, talk with whoever answers the phone, ask qualifying questions, update your prospect database and email any level 1 leads that meet your criteria so you can distribute them to your sales reps so they can make an informed and prepared approach with the decision-maker. Recommended for new and/or call-reluctant sales people who could use a little initiative and encouragement to get out of the office and into the field earlier and more often.

    Level 2 Sales Lead. The prospect AGREES to talk with you.
    The goal is to set appointments with decision-makers to meet or speak with your sales people. We use a combination of telephone calls, personal introduction letters and email to get past gatekeepers and voice mail and get through to decision-makers. Recommended for more experienced, higher income sales people who know how to convert leads into opportunities and are too busy to waste their time making cold calls.

    Level 3 Sales Lead. The prospect WANTS to talk with you.
    The goal is to build top-of-mind awareness and a positive, professional image of your company in the minds of future prospects, so they will call you, instead of your competitors, when they are ready to buy! We use a combination of phone calls, letters, email and our Automated Sales Tracks to keep in touch with all viable prospects in your database over long periods of time at a minimum expense and minimum effort on your part. Recommended for clients who are interested in a long-term, relationship-based business development process.

Factors that impact lead generation results:

    1. Company: How well known are your company and products in the business community?
    2. Prospects: How accurate, current and appropriate is your database for your target market?
    3. Value Proposition: Why should they buy; why now; and why should they buy from you?
    4. Expectations: Definition of a lead, i.e. pre-call account information, appts, etc.
    5. Sales Reps: How good are your sales people at following up on leads, communicating value and closing sales?
    6. Telemarketing: How good are we at finding leads, qualifying opportunities, getting past the gatekeeper, setting appt.?
    7. Communication: Clear, frequent and timely two-way communication to work together to fine-tune and improve your results.