Gatekeeper Conversation
Hello, this is Mary Thomas with ABC Imaging, calling for Mr. Smith.    
            (Gatekeeper: Whatís this in regard to?) 

Itís regarding a personal letter that our president, Mr. John Jones sent to Mr. Smith, is he available?
           (Gatekeeper: Can you be more specific?)

Mr. Jones didnít tell me the exact content of his letter to Mr. Smith; only that Mr. Smith is expecting my call; . . . is he available?
            (Gatekeeper: He/she isnít in;. . .  is in a Meeting; . . . is Busy)

 In that case, could you suggest a time when he is usually in the office?  

Do you schedule his appointments?
            If Yes - Could we then schedule a short, 5-minute telephone appointment with Mr. Smith so our President can call him directly? 

            If No - Thank you for your time, Iíll try back at a more convenient time.

Executive Conversation
Hello, Mr. Smith, my name is Mary and Iím the administrative assistant to Mr. John Jones, the President of ABC Imaging Systems.

Mr. Jones recently wrote you a letter to introduce our company and request an appointment with you. Do you recall receiving his/her letter? 
           (Decision Maker: Yes Ė No Ė I donít remember Ė Whatí this about?)

Mr.Jones offered you a FREE print and copy document cost analysis and report. In his last letter he mentioned that I would be calling to see if you would be willing to meet with us, and thatís the purpose of my call today.  Would you be willing to meet with us for a short time to determine if we might be able to save you some money on your document processing costs?

Would you be available on DAY/DATE or would DAY/DATE, be better for you? And would you prefer morning or afternoon? TIME or TIME?
         (Decision Maker: Weíre not interested at this time)

r. Smith, the purpose of the appointment would be to find out if we have anything of value to offer you. If we canít help you, weíll be the first to admit it.   

Would you be the person to meet with, or would that be someone else? 

Thank you Mr. Smith. So that we are prepared for the meeting, I just need to ask you a few quick questions if you donít mind. 
    How many printers does your company currently have?
    How many copiers?
    Other _________________________________________

Thatís all we need for now. I will email a meeting confirmation to you and your account rep, if you will just give me your email address?

Thank you for your time! We look forward to meeting with you on DAY at TIME!