Sample Prospecting Script

Hello, this is _____  with (YOUR COMPANY NAME). May I have a minute of your time to ask you a few quick questions.

1. What brand of copier do you have?

2. About how old are your copiers?
(if they say they don’t know, prompt them: “Do you think it is older then 3 years? 4 years? 5 years?”. If they say it is leased, see if they know how much longer they have to go on the lease

3. How are they working for you?
(Let them talk, and see if there is any pain to be found)

4. Are you looking at or planning to get a new copier, printer, or fax in the next 6 months?

5. How do you print color?
(prompt them, if necessary, with “Do you use Inkjet Printers, Color Lasers, your copier, or do you use an outside service?”. If they say Inkjet or Outsource, ask them “Do you think you print more then 150 or 200 pages of color in a month?”)

6. How many laser printers do you have?

7. Have you gotten a new printer, copier, or fax in the last 6 months?
(if it looks like this will be a lead, as about the DM: “Would <name from the record> be the person to talk with about copiers or printers?”, and try to find out who the person in charge of those decisions is. Update the DM name, title, and salutation.)

Great, you've been very helpful, thank you for your time and have a good day.